Monday, December 1, 2008

Sesame Street Live


Grandma Beth surprised Madelynn with a trip to see Sesame Street Live at the Hult Center in Eugene. The 3 of us had front row seats! We saw all the Sesame Street characters, they sang and danced. The first half of the show Madelynn was just taking it all in, she was in awe. Then the second half she really got into it and even danced in the aisle. Madelynn had so much fun, her first musical! I can't wait to take her to more plays and musicals. This was a very special present from Grandma Beth. We love her very much.

Thanksgiving 2008

Bath Time

Hunter and Madelynn love taking baths. Hunter is now old enough he can sit by himself and play with his sister.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Halloween 2008

Hunter's first Halloween, he is dressed as a pirate. Arrg!

Madelynn is Tinkerbell. This is a special outfit because her mommy wore it for Halloween when she was Madelynn's age. Grandma Beth made this outift way back in 1983. Madelynn loved wearing her wings and really liked going trick or treating.

The beach in October

Madelynn feeding a deer in the backyard at the beach house. Hunter talking a walk with Grandma Janet and Daddy on the beach. It was such a beautiful day.

Papa Tony thought it would be funny for Madelynn to take a swim in the ocean... and almost gave Mommy a heart attack. That Papa Tony, he's a character. :)

Hunter in September

Having fun with his toys, Hunter is 7 months old.
He is really moving now!

Summer at the Zoo


Summer at the Zoo

The new baby boy elephant at the zoo, named Sam.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Summer at the Zoo

We got a family pass to the zoo for Easter this year from Grandma Beth and Grandpa Edward. The kids love to go to the Portland Zoo. In the summer we went about every 2 weeks. We go to the zoo in the morning and have lunch, then pack up, and the kids are ready for a nap. We usually go to the zoo during the week, so since Tony is at work I have either friends or family help out with the kids. Grandma Beth, Grandma Janet, Aunt Jenny, and my friend Monica have all helped me out through the summer. Everyone has enjoyed going to the zoo over the summer.

Cracking Crab

Labor Day Weekend at the beach 2008. Grandpa Tony, Cousin Fred, and Tony went out in the ocean and caught some crab. Yummmm. They are teaching Madelynn how to crack crab.

Labor Day 2008

Wow the kids are growing up so fast. Madelynn is talking all the time and has a great imagination. Hunter is crawling and making cute baby sounds. He is very curious and gets into everything! Much more then Madelynn did. He likes to figure out how his toys work, you can tell the wheels in is head are turning. He is so smart.